I believe that life can be hard at times. Struggling with issues is something I have gone through, both in career decisions and in personal decisions and I bring some of that struggle to our experience together. Sometimes you just need someone to really listen without judgment, so that you can get to the heart of what’s bothering you. A friend can do this at times, but many times they feel that they want to give advice, and that may not be what you need right now, because the advice may be good for some and not for others. One of my first loves is to listen, and I’ve been trained as well to provide strategies which might help you to discover more about yourself, in whatever context. It’s about you and I working together to come up with ideas that would be best for you, to listen to the uniqueness in you, not to provide cookie-cutter solutions for all people, as every individual’s personality and situation is so different. Together, we take a “holistic” perspective so that you and I both become aware of pieces of your life which might be impacting you, as well as a deep belief in working from a preventative approach so that we catch smaller issues before they become larger. I would love to assist in creating a more meaningful life for you.
I have spent years in the corporate world, and have assisted with providing HR solutions for a variety of situations for a decade in my current role. My education is in human resources, and I also have completed my Certified Human Resources Professional designation. In addition, I have coached many people with issues that sit outside of a business context (and I am currently completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology to compliment that work). We can always have an initial consultation, and if I feel that your issue is outside of my scope, it’s only responsible to refer you on to another coach/counselor. Therefore, in a business context and a personal context, I am very comfortable in discussing issues around:
• developing strategic future career moves
• transitioning from one workplace to another
• dealing with inter-personal conflict
• fine-tuning communication skills
• developing leadership and performance competencies
• stress-related issues

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