• Career review
  • Skills analysis
  • Personality assessment, including interests, values, goals, etc.
  • A toolbox of handouts, exercises, and resource material to further aid in self-awareness and development
  • Resume preparation
  • Organizing and managing a formalized job search
  • Networking and labour market information – reviewing the obvious and hidden job markets
  • Branding and marketing (resume building, LinkedIn profiles, personal websites, etc.)
  • Cover letter and references preparation (and conducting of same, if necessary)
  • Interview techniques and skills practice
  • Feedback and guidance on opportunity selections
  • Follow-up to ensure successful transition


When an employee is being laid off, it is beneficial to include external assistance to provide the former employee with a comfortable transition into a new phase of his or her life. Diane’s transitional coaching services are available to all clients to make a former employee’s transition easier, show strong appreciation for each individual within the firm, and build a strong reputation as a supportive work environment. Transitional coaching services include:

  1. Support through the initial stage of each transition with emotional and practical guidance, through listening, discussion and advice;
  2.  Skills and tools to assess personal and professional goals, including identifying your short-term career objectives (with an eye on the longer term);
  3. Assistance in the process of planning a strategic approach and appropriate plan of action to achieve specific goals for both the short-term and the long-term.


At times, it can be advantageous for a coach outside of the firm to help with certain sensitive issues, so that employees do not label anyone internally as a “target” for their disapproval. Also, it is sometimes easier for a coach to have a clearer perspective when sitting on the outside of the issue (and not, for example, when immersed in office politics, dynamics, etc.). The goal for individual coaching is to assist clients in learning to discover their own strengths, and to coach through the inevitable hurdles of resistance where change is needed. Examples of occasions for coaching might be:

  • During moments of transition: will support you through the initial stage of your transition with emotional and practical guidance, through listening, discussion and advice; provide you with the skills and tools to assess your personal and professional goals, including identifying your short-term career objectives (with an eye on the longer term), and; assist you in the process of planning a strategic approach and appropriate plan of action to achieve your goals for both the short-term and the long-term.
  • As an adjunct to another intervention (for example, a training program)
  • As per request by an individual for specific support
  • If an individual seems to be experiencing difficulties (often around people issues)
  • If an employee is looking to reach the next career level
  • If an individual is struggling with a particular challenge, such as time management, organization, etc.


Coaching is an essential part to building a high performance team. Clients are coached through conflicts that can arise out of working in groups. This type of coaching can be useful when teams are going through change due to incoming or departing staff, or organizational changes such as new management or policy changes.


In order to cope with the challenges of continuous change, rather than organizations promoting more traditional autocratic leadership styles, leadership is based on collaboration and inspiring others through coaching. In this regard, key players (stakeholders such as managing partners, HR, etc.) are taken through a skills-building experience where they can learn how to develop and be part of a coaching culture in terms of linking the coaching of individuals, the organizational process of driving systemic change, and finally the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals.


If a member of your staff, or a specific team or group in your organization would like an introductory session to learn more about the concepts/skills surrounding coaching in order to integrate the coaching model into your own organization, we would be pleased to walk you through its fundamentals.


We have a desire to empower any and all employees so that they may create a more satisfying career/life path. In addition, and more specifically, due to our years of experience in consulting with different levels of HR, we would welcome the opportunity to establish a business relationship with HR Managers/Administrators in particular who are wishing to achieve their “highest self” both in terms of their own career growth and their own life pursuits. Due to the necessity of HR having to focus on organizational strategy in terms of their own leadership role, HR is often focused on many different change initiatives at once. Coaches are change catalysts and can help those in HR facilitate change.


Transitional coaching can be a rich opportunity to explore and choose the best path towards your future. It may be the “next level” of the same path you were on … or not. Only you can decide where you want to go. You will be supported each step of the way. At minimum, you can expect:

  • Clarity on the direction you want to take with your life personally and professionally. (Perspective)
  • Clarity on your core values as an individual, and how to use your core values to make important life choices, including a new work environment that is “the right fit” for you and honors these values.
  • Clarity on what’s working and not working in your life, and an action plan with SMART goals that you will implement with your coach’s support.
  • Time with an experienced coach who will serve as your confidential sounding board and provide you with important feedback (straight talk).
  • Time to explore barriers that may prevent your forward-moving progress – we address these proactively.
  • Time to work with a trusted dedicated coach who is committed to the achievement of your visions and goals and ensure these fit with other parts of your life.


The cost of coaching services is based on discussion regarding the client’s own unique needs and circumstances. Please call us to have a conversation surrounding your needs.