“Temps” are on your staff but not on your payroll because we take care of it for you – WCB, EI, CPP, vacation pay, ROEs. Our temporary candidates are professionally screened, tested and reference checked to ensure we meet and exceed your needs. We are able to provide temps for short term to long term assignments, to cover medical, vacation, or maternity leaves, or to assist with special projects that require an extra pair of hands.


If you need a temp, just contact us with a commencement date, duration of assignment, level of experience required and area of expertise, and we will start sourcing reliable candidates to fit your needs.


We also provide contract relief: maternity leaves, longer-term sick leaves – anything from one month to one year – we have candidates who are ready to work for you.


A temporary-to-permanent placement is an effective way for you to have the opportunity to work with the candidate before a final decision is made regarding a permanent hire. The terms of a temp to perm are negotiated on a case by case basis.