Outplacement/Transitional Services

We understand individual layoffs can be a time of stress for both you and your employee. We can help to support and coach your employee in successfully concluding their current chapter and moving into the next stage of their career. In addition, having outplacement as a part of your severance package can help firms retain their reputation within the industry.


Throughout the years we have had many conversations with candidates and managers which concern difficult times such as divorce, struggles with children, depression, meeting expectations of lawyers, dealing with difficult colleagues, etc.   Regular individual counselling not only helps support staff in times of emotional distress, but also helps firms improve their bottom line.

Performance Coaching

Building an effective and productive team is fundamental to the success of your firm. We can help build strategies revolving around engagement, fine-tuning communication skills, developing leadership competencies, conflict resolution, all in order to ultimately create a family-like environment for your staff.

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"Studies reveal that too many legal professionals experience anxiety, chronic stress and various other forms of burnout on almost a day-to-day basis (ABA, 2017). I am determined to be part of the solution and help those working in the legal industry.

At times, managers can be targeted by employees as being part of the problem, whereas I can be perceived as more “neutral” which encourages change to be possible. One of my first loves is to listen and I’ve been trained as well in deliberate strategies to move a person forward to a more positive place. Life can be hard at times. I have struggled with chronic depression and anxiety as well and due to my personal experience and all that it entailed, my mission is to help others in their time of need."


* Diane has been educated at BCIT with an HR Diploma and holds her CPHR.  She is also a certified coach through SFU, and has her Registered Clinical Counsellor designation through BCACC (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors), which is a designation only approved to those who have gone through review by the BCACC.

Registered Clinical Counsellor


"Diane was very approachable, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to. It can be scary (during periods of big life changes) and Diane was able to listen to me in a non-judging way and hold space for the grieving process (which comes with leaving a job or career). Diane has an easy manner about her and a great sense of humour and she made it easy for me to express the game of emotions I was feeling at the time, in order to move on. I am happy to recommend Diane as a Coach."

- Anonymous Candidate

“Working with my career coach really helped give me a sense of direction of what I am looking for in a career. The assignments I worked on helped me build a clear picture of what my job searching goals are, and helped me develop a strong strategy for my job search. My overall experience working with my coach was excellent – It helped me get to where I am today with a career that makes me feel good about what I am doing.”

- Anonymous HR Manager

“Thank you again so much for your continued help, support and guidance throughout this transition. I truly appreciate all of the very hard work that you .”

- Anonymous Associate

“Your compassion, enthusiasm and eagerness to help, has brought me more confidence both in myself and my job search. My direction has become clearer.
You are an awesome and beautiful person!”

- Anonymous Associate

Personalized Introductory Session

Please feel free to contact Diane and book a ½ hour free consultation. In this session, you will be able to find out more about the coaching process, and what each session of that process might look like through an in-depth discussion with Diane. Call us at: 604-681-4432 or email us to book an appointment, today!